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About Our Workshops

Ideas need support and action in order to grow and thrive. Our Workshops are designed to give you and your ideas a perfect "growth" environment. It's equal parts focus group, resource-sharing space, and supportive community, and then another intangible part that you can't imagine until you experience it.

How does it work?

The group consists of 10 or so other resourceful, inspiring women who each help one another take their projects, businesses, or ideas to a new place. One night a week for four weeks (or mornings, depending on the schedule), under the leadership of a trained Ladies Who Launch facilitator, you will meet with your group, complete "homework" for yourself and for each other, and find an uncommon bond that exists between women traveling down their own path.

Here's what one attendee said about the Workshop:

"Workshops empower women personally and professionally, strengthening their spirits and offering a detoxification from the status quo. In the context of a Workshop, slowing down can equate to forward movement. A positive attitude is a non-negotiable demand. Negativity and self-deprecation are forbidden."

Well, nothing is forbidden, but she's right: You won't find that negativity has a very strong survival rate in the Workshop.

What happens after the Workshop?

When the Workshop ends, you are invited to become a Ladies Who Launch Platinum Member that encompasses many of the same benefits you find within your Workshop, but with 100 times the resources and access.

When are Workshops being held in my area?

A list of the current Workshops being held in your area can be found on the Tulsa Home Page. The complete list of all upcoming Workshops and events in your area can be found here.

Who are Workshops for?

Workshops are for any woman, with any business or any project. Whether you feel "stuck" and need to get out of a rut, have hit a plateau in your business, or just want to figure out what's next, a Workshop will increase momentum and clarify your vision.

After the Workshop, become a Platinum Member and get your daily, weekly, and monthly doses of education, opportunity, inspiration, and so much more.

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