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Säbeen Haque

Market Director- Canada
Ladies Who Launch

Säbeen is a corporate escape artist. In 2007, she turned in her power stilettos and walked away from her high ranks and world of six figures looking for a real life, true love and the pursuit of creativity. She ended up at the doorstep of Ladies Who Launch and life has never been the same.

Standing at the door of the BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) event in Toronto, Säbeen was unsure. She was barefoot, had no business card in hand, not to mention a specific business idea. She had also spent her career working mostly with men so the idea of just women and pink was unknown. But the door opened and she tip-toed in. What she saw was like no other. Successful, strong, positive women who were living creative and passionate lives. These women were generous with their ideas and shared their resources. Their invitation was real and Säbeen soon signed up for an Incubator Workshop. Here she was re-introduced to her own creativity and through the 4 weeks, she was able to expand, clarify and move forward with her own ideas.

Säbeen joined the Ladies Who Launch team as a leader where she led incubator workshops with some of Toronto's finest and fabulous women. Her personal work and interests were also continuing to expand. She was chosen to be mentored by Martha Beck. NY Times bestseller author and Oprah's personal Life Coach. One thing led to the next and before the year had ended, Säbeen had the opportunity to personally train with other renowned speakers and authors such as Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Laura Day and Marianne Williamson. She also completed level two certification with Sonia Choquette, storyteller, author and sixth sensory teacher.

Aside from LWL, Säbeen is an intuitive business strategist who is an advisor to many companies and start-ups globally. As a connector, and spark-plug, she has successfully brought together many entrepreneurs, brands and causes and created an outlet where these groups can bring their business ideas and plug-in. In 2010, Säbeen is launching a boutique business consulting and event company for women entrepreneurs...My Creative Skirt. "Hemlines change," she says, "but creativity is always in style." Whatever the business, whatever the hemline, this company is all about teaching women to run their businesses like women and stand tall on the heels of success!
If you are ready to ignite your dreams and passions. Ready to turn on your own creative switch. Join Säbeen in the Incubator Workshop and watch the sparks fly!

***If you are interested in being a facilitator or partnering with LWL, please email Säbeen:

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