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60-Second Strategies For Balance in A Busy World.

This event happened 1160 days ago
Time 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Location Lyn Evans Potpourri Designs
103 Elm Street New Canaan, CT 06840-5405
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Hi Ladies, 

Come meet Millie Grenough, author, motivational speaker, coach and clinical instructor at Yale University's School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry.


Millie will share with us her 60-second strategies on how to stay sane in a crazy world, how to manage major changes in your life or work, how to deal with stress so that it does not run your life, and some simple yet effective tools for making life more fun. Learn how to become the CEO of your own



She will explain how not to get crazed in the fast lane as you go after success. Millie's recently-released Oasis in the Overwhelm, 2nd Edition, will give you enjoyable strategies for keeping your balance as you go for your dreams.  


In the 2012 book Roadmap to Success, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Ken Blanchard,  Millie and others share their secrets and reveal some remarkable insights on how to use Roadway to Success to set goals in life and how to accomplish those goals.  It is a mini-seminar on how to plan for your own personal success.


This book discussion and interactive session has something for everyone. It will also be a great networking event. A portion of the proceeds will go to The Women's Campaign School at Yale. 

To find out more about Millie go to

Looking forward to seeing you on February 16th.

Kathy McShane

Ladies Who Launch

Southwestern Connecticut

47 Pine Street

New Canaan, Ct 06840


cell 203-803-9591  


Leader:  Kathy McShane






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