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Andrea Rae: Healing Connector and Aussie Sage

Apr 1, 2011

A creative, down-to-earth native Australian, Andrea Rae founded Alinga Bodywork in 2007 to help clients unlock their inner strength and confidence through spiritual and practical bodywork. Andrea is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner, a Reiki “Master Teacher”, a licensed massage therapist, and a certified BodyTalk practitioner.

After beginning her career as an occupational therapist, Andrea became intrigued by the power of energy work while taking a Reiki class in 1997. She found that combining spirituality and emotional energy work with classic massage therapy could help her clients move beyond their physical or emotional stresses and free them to realize their dreams.

Looking to further her experience in the field of energy, Andrea embarked on a three-year Shiatsu course of study in Bristol, England, and ultimately completed her training in 2000. She became a Reiki “Master Teacher” in 2004.

A certified BodyTalk practitioner, Andrea has completed all nine advanced modules in the BodyTalk training. She is currently studying Parama Level 1, an advanced study of energy medicine philosophy and research.

An avid fan of fiction writing with the goal of publishing a novel, Andrea is also an accomplished tennis player and owner of Blackbird Pie Company, which creates and sells handcrafted handbags made of recycled materials. When she is not working in her studio, Andrea loves spending time with her husband and son.

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