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Abi Grace: Rock Goddess, Renaissance Entrepreneur

Mar 29, 2011

She writes, produces, records, blogs, performs, networks and hustles with a primal passion!!!  Her second album Feral Queen is out and is an autobiographical statement and inspirational lesson to watch her evolution and experience the drive she has to be successful on her own terms.

She says it better than I could… “I love cats, coffee, and rainy days, and draw a lot of my inspiration from fairytales.  I am a new age-y sort of girl, who loves to meditate, has my aspirations plastered around my walls, and genuinely believes that this whole music deal is totally my destiny.  In the last year, I've decided to stop trying to do it the "right way" and to start doing it "my way" which is why this bio is in first person and is addressed directly to you, who ever you are who was curious about who I really am.” 


Buy the album, buy her branded merchandise (coffee, ringtones, mugs & tees), commission a love song or an audio logo like this one she did for Stratejoy  and conveniently on the website she did herself, you can fund her as well.  Ask and ye shall receive.


Oh, and she has her own store on ReverbNation…rock on Abi!

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