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Veronica Mayo: Stylish, Organized and Brilliant

Mar 22, 2011

Veronica is a former high flying airline executive turned entrepreneur. She launched her own line of stylish, yet functional Vemayca cosmetic bags in 2009 after landing in Bellevue, Washington from Texas.   Veronica often wondered why cosmetic bags didn’t have removable liners, so she created one that did. She often jokes that this is one designer cosmetic bag that you will actually use….instead of your zip top bags!!

Isn't it time to upgrade to a chic and stylish makeup bag that matches the fabulous you? This cosmetic bag is luxurious, soft, functional AND it has an exclusive, removable Soft Pearl Liner.  When the inside of your cosmetic bag gets caked with makeup stains and oils, simply replace the liner.  Brilliant!  And of course, they make perfect gifts too!  Available in two sizes and two colors with more on the way soon.


When she isn’t working, she keeps busy with various charities, traveling, enjoying local restaurants and wines (especially a great Merlot).  Her biggest fan is her husband Dave. Veronica’s must have items are her labeling machine, flip flops, flat iron and her cosmetic bag!

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