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Total Networking

Feb 25, 2011

Register by Friday 2/25 for the TOTAL Networking event at the NorthWest Womens Show and select Ladies Who Launch from the drop-down menu!

It's an amazing event and to make it even sweeter, I'm giving away a $499 Fresh Entrepreneur Workshop to one lucky woman that registers now!!!

It's only $39 and includes admission to the NorthWest Womens Show.  So spend the day at the show and then join us in the Wine Tasting area from 4 to 8 pm for TOTAL Networking.

This is a different kind of event; there are no 'talking heads' up on the stage speechifying. Instead, networking experts Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Judy Thomson, co-authors of Work the Pond!, throw out a thought-provoking, timely and challenging question which each table gets to discuss. 

A table host (I get to be one) makes sure that everyone has a chance to share their thoughts.  Watch the decibel level rise and the laughter fill the room as the conversations get going!  After a heartfelt discussion (this is a 'peel back the onion' experience), each table host shares with the rest of the audience their table's most interesting conversations, challenges and solutions. (Sounds like a LincUp on Steroids, doesn't it?) 

Then Gayle and Judy start connecting the dots. It's about bonding, sharing, making new contacts and finding solutions in difficult business times.

Register at

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