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A Mans World? Not anymore! by Bob Afsari
Sep 24, 2010

As my plane taxied to the terminal I powered on my cell phone to see if I missed any calls during my short two-hour flight.  My phone beeped a few times, alerting me of my incoming messages.  I scrolled through them and found one from my wife, “Honey, don’t freak out if you check the bank account, I just bought a new car.”

I clicked on the “call back”

Sassy City Chicks shopping event comes back to the Hard Rock
Jul 29, 2010

Join LWL at the Hard Rock Hotel!

Thursday, August 19 - 5:30 pm - 9pm

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego | FLOAT Rooftop Lounge
207 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Over 1,000 Fashionistas will kick off their well-heeled summer with the Sassy City Chicks LABELS & LIQUOR Fashion Bash on Thursday, August 19 at Hard Rock's FLOAT rooftop lounge from 5pm – 9:30pm.&

Nails by Gail... 25 years can't be wrong
Jul 19, 2010

Gail has been running her own business for over 25 years!  She currently hangs her hat at Genesis Salon & Spa in Mission Hills.  Please give her a call to learn more about her services - 619-322-6351

Blog Resources
Jul 5, 2010

Great list of helpful websites for blogging...

Find Free Blogger Templates to Personalize Your Blog

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Blogger Buster           www.bloggerbuster.

Pictures & Contacts from the Extreme Bio Makeover Event
Jun 28, 2010

Seventy women came to the Extreme Bio Makeover event.  Who knew head shots and bio writing could be fun?!?!

A special thanks to Sina Ngov of Vaylai Photography for capturing the event.  You can view the pictures on her site at Vaylia Photography and read her blog post at  And if you're on facebook you can view

Personal Branding through your Corporate Headshot
Jun 21, 2010

By Melissa Murray, Professional & Personal Style & Image Consultant

All professionals need to have a great looking headshot on hand. Your professional head shot is the first link between you and your potential client. In today’s competitive market, your photograph should articulate your line of business and also define your personal and professional “brand”. Simply

Make up Tips for Your Headshot
Jun 21, 2010

By Carol Meredith, Celebrity Make up Artist and Certified Nutritionist

The best makeup tip for any type of situation where you want to represent your true self, from someone who has been responsible for the headshots of everyone who has been on-air at ABC-TV for 15 years and have done a zillion high-profile wedding photographs, is KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Head shots are about showing your

Optimal Nutrition Sponsors the 6/24 Extreme Bio Makeover Event!
May 31, 2010
About Optimal Nutrition Inc:  Optimal Nutrition Inc (ONI) is an organic custom national meal delivery company that believes the path to living well begins with what you eat. ONI designs and portions every meal to an individuals caloric need. The meals are microwaveable if short on time or easy to reheat in the oven, making it convenient and easy. ONI knows that life moves quickly and it is ...
Female Tech Entrepreneurs Have a Hard Time Finding Funding
Apr 27, 2010
Article published in the New York Times, April 16th, 2010

Out of the Loop in Silicon Valley

CANDACE FLEMINGS résumé boasts a double major in industrial engineering and English from Stanford, an M.B.A. from Harvard, a management position at Hewlett-Packard and experience as president of a small software company. But when she was raising money for Crimson Hexagon, a start-up

Women Business Owners Contribute a Total Economic Impact of $3 Trillion!
Mar 21, 2010

And the Only Ones Getting Sold Short Are the Women
Apparently the independence we women entrepreneurs seek is coming at a big price. The benefits of entrepreneurship are driving more women than ever into self-employment, yet the financial rewards necessary to make this trend stick, still elude most of us. In October the Center for Women's Business Research published the first ever study on the
LWL Members & Friends on the Green 35 Under 35 List!
Jan 3, 2010
San Diego is on its way to becoming a leader in the clean technology economy, and many of these companies are being started by people under 35. Here are 35 green and clean eco- entrepreneurs identified by SDNN.  
Optimal Nutrition, Founded: 2006

Michelle Weinstein, 30
Michelle Weinstein is founder of Optimal Nutrition Inc., a custom meal plan service that specializes in preparing and
5 Tips for Using Video to Grow Your Business in 2010
Dec 10, 2009
Its no secret that online video is hot. A recent study by comScore revealed that in October 2009, more than 167 million viewers in the U.S. watched an average of 167 videos each, while YouTube reached 1 billion views per day or 41 million views per hour in the same month.  

Video simply engages people in a way that static text and images cannot. There are dozens of studies that show the

Fast Company Highlights 24 Women in the "Most Creative People in Business " list
Nov 19, 2009
I was a little disappointed to find that only 24 of the top 100 of their "Most Creative People in Business" list were women. Really Fast Company? Women are launching businesses at twice the rate of men. Super innovative microlending businesses are taking the world by storm, largely led by the efforts of women. Between 1997 and 2006, the number of majority women-owned businesses increased 42%. I'm ...
Review by recent Incubator participant
Sep 14, 2009
Beth Bynon, owner of Home Couture - 
"The incubator was a powerful experience for me.  Though I have had my Interior Design business for 4 years, this program helped me to become laser focused on where I want to take my business next and to set tangible goals with deadlines that hold me accountable.  The input from the other members helped me to see myself and my particular gifts in
A Woman CEO's View: No, You Can't Have It All
Aug 25, 2009 - Work-Life Balance In corporate America, for all the cracks that have cut into the glass ceiling, a female executive still has a very different role and responsibility from her male counterparts. That's simply the reality. There are several possible paths for the high-potential executive woman who wants it all, but each involves a tradeoff. One track is to be married to a "house ...
Forbes Magazine article with LWL founder Victoria Colligan
Aug 21, 2009
Looking To Launch
Victoria Colligan
When Liz Lange launched her maternity line, her child-rearing friends told her it was a terrible idea. During the course of expanding the most well-known astrology Web site,, founder Susan Miller has walked away from more deals than she's

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