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Reflections Assessment

A Workbook for Entrepreneurial Personal Development

  • Breakdown of your traits, strengths and limitations
  • Custom, concrete suggestions for improvement
  • Specifically for women entrepreneurs
  • Backed by 15 years of psychological and business insight from Dr. Skip Aldridge
  • 100% online, begin immediately, receive your 27 page report via email in minutes
  • Only through Ladies Who Launch!

Just for You

This personality tool takes the profile of a successful woman entrepreneur and compares it to YOUR personality, noting areas of strength and limitations, with concrete suggestions for improving limitations.

This workbook is designed for both aspiring and established launchers, as well as the “just launched” set. What you can expect from this workbook:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of characteristics specific to successful women entrepreneurs and the differences from their male counterparts.
  • A robust and customized analysis of your personality traits, strengths and limitations.
  • Concrete suggestions and in-depth guide for overcoming your limitations and filling in the gaps in areas where improvement is needed.

A One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity

Ladies Who Launch brings you this one-of-a-kind tool not found anywhere else, in partnership with Dr. Skip Alderidge. Dr. Skip is an expert in organizational psychology and leadership, and positions companies for growth through effective and optimal hiring and team building tactics. He has worked with dozens of large corporations and small businesses to help them build successful, well-rounded teams by taking into account personality traits, strengths and limitations.

Dr. Aldridge-

Thank you for the results of my entrepreneurial assessment. I found your analysis to be very enlightening and constructive. I practiced psychotherapy in NYC for years and have seen my fair share of evaluative tools. I find this one very applicable to my every day work and personal style and habits and plan to incorporate some of the suggestions immediately. "

Katie Kelley - Business Coach & Consultant

Dr. Aldridge-

Just a quick note [about] the Reflections [report]. I had some major shifts in my thinking. The [report] has helped me to evaluate my business and my personality to see where the disconnect is. I liked how you broke down the questions into four areas ex; friends, family community, etc...I thought that was powerful because I realized we have different roles in each area of our lives. We are not the same person to our friends, family or colleagues. That was helpful to allow me to see myself in the different areas of my life. It was interesting to me that there was a lack of confidence in my evaluation. That is an issue that came up when I went through the LWL incubator Series. I thought that was pretty powerful to see it in this report. I am still working on my homework and will continue to grow and improve my skills. But I just wanted to let you know that I am grateful for your skill and expertise.  "

Cleveland Platinum Member

How Do I Take the Assessment?

Taking the online assessment is easy. You can begin the assessment immediately after purchase. Here are the steps:

  • Add the Reflections Assessment to your cart and complete the purchase.
  • A confirmation email will be immediatly sent to you with a login link.
  • Click the login link in the email and begin the assessment when you are ready.
  • The assessment consists of 180 questions
  • Upon completion, your custom, detailed assessment report will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Price: $89.00
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31 Aspects of Your Personality

Sample Page
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Analysis and Custom Suggestions For:

Your Problem Solving Skills
Literal or Conceptual
Structured or Flexible
Factual or Intuative
Tactical or Strategic
Traditional or Change Minded
Your Interpersonal Skills
Introverted or Extroverted
Reserved or Warm Hearted
Serious or Enthusiastic
Shy/Timid or Socially Bold
Open or Private
Team-Oriented or Self-Sufficient
Your Influencing Style
Passive or Dominant
Accomodating or Assertive
Easily Embarrassed or Attention Seeking
Trusting or Skeptical
Patient or Impatient
Your Self Regulating Skills
Casual or Controlled
Deliberate or Exhuberant
Expedient or Rule Conscious
Pragmatic or Imaginative
Impulsive or Detailed
Your Tough-Mindedness
Subjective or Objective
Cool or Tender Hearted
Thick Skinned or Sensitive
Grounded or Visionary
Conservative or Experimental
Your Emotional Resilience
Stress Prone or Stress Free
Emotional Reactive or Calm
Non-trusting or Accepting
Confident or Worried
Tense or Relaxed

Meet Dr. Skip Aldridge

John (Skip) Aldridge, Jr.

With a specialty in professional development, Dr. John (Skip) Aldridge, Jr. assists clients in a variety of consulting roles, including pre-hire and development assessments, job competency and skill set identification, and succession planning.

Using propriety personality and ability assessments , Dr. Aldridge challenges and supports individuals in the workplace to be outstanding performers. In support of this, he coaches individuals throughout all levels of the organization, from supervisors to senior management.

Dr. Aldridge has consulted in through North America, most Western European countries, China (Hong Kong and Mainland), Australia, and New Zealand. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, along with a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. He is a licensed psychologist, who has over 15 years of consulting and business ownership.