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Caren Magill

Digital Media Manager
Digital Pink

Caren Magill is a marketing consultant for small business, a social media strategist and the digital media manager for Ladies Who Launch, Los Angeles.  In 2008, after a successful 10-year career in marketing for a multi-national high tech company, a national stock exchange and a venture-backed start-up, she left her fast-paced Silicon Valley lifestlye behind for world travel and career redefinition.  In 2009, she returned to her marketing practice with a new focus and inspired vision.

Caren founded Digital Pink, a website portal and consultancy dedicated to helping women entreprenurs build brands and promote their small business online using affordable, repeatable strategies. As a supporter of the feminine way to do business, she advocates using creative marketing methods that provide value and authenticity without compromising personal or brand integrity.
Carens road to entrepreneurship was an 18-month journey starting with an Eat, Pray, Love style corporate detox in India, followed by an exploration of potential start-up ideas.  Throughout her discovery period, her engagement with the Bay Area Ladies Who Launch organization provided the support, encouragement and resources that made her leap of faith a reality.
In her role as the digital media manager for the Los Angeles community, Caren aims to cultivate the same energetic, supportive and informational environment for women who want to pursue a dream and create an entrepreneurial lifestyle.
When Caren is not helping small companies compete with the man she is working on a Masters degree in Media Psychology. She is a podcast junkie who gets her creative fodder running along the coast and spends her down time with her friends, husband and Coco and the pug.
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