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Tricia Meteer

Equinox Photo

Tricia Meteer joins LWL as a facilitator for OC. She is passionate about helping women, taking photographs, and helping rescue horses.  She started Equinox Photo as a side business to help supplement her small horse rescue farm. But most importantly to fulfill a promise made to her terminally ill father ,to once again share her photography some day.  That promise was made on the day she was promoted to a corporate position and sadly on the day he passed.  That same promise took over 7 years to fulfill.  Life got in her dream's way. 

She finally began the entrepreneurial journey full time in May of 2009 armed with a camera bag full of Carpe Diem and the dream of sharing her art. Her  9 years with the Estee Lauder corporation undoubtedly helped to prepare her for the the challenging but wonderful career as a solo business owner.  Her PR, marketing and sales background are an essential part of everyday business.  From lipstick to photographs, in the end it is all about making people feel good! 
When deciding which area to specialize in, Tricia knew that it somehow must involve her love of horses and pets.  She now has the opportunity to work with her passions each and every day.   
 Her unique approach to photography combines fine art and portrait. Wether engagement, wedding, pet or equine the client is not left with a simple picture, but instead a piece of art. 
She seeks out the soul of the subject and transfers the emotion on film. 

Equinox photo specializes in natural light settings using mother natural as her pallet.  Tricia loves to do distinctive portrait or corporate head shot sessions and is easily able to capture each subject's unique essence and energy.  The client's personality has the ability to shine through and literally tell a story in a instant. 
Work no longer becomes a paycheck, instead a way to give back to the community and help the animals she is passionate about.  From each shoot she makes a donation to a horse rescue or therapeutic riding facility as a way of remembering why she made this leap into entrepreneurial life. 
Tricia is currently working on the fine art images for a equine book and collaborating with Muttropolis retail and online stores.  She has photographed the covers for books, fashion print work and celebrity photos.   Her fine art work can be purchased at and of course a portrait session can be booked through her website. 

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