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How to Host a Lunch & Learn

Jan 11, 2012

Lunch & Learns are monthly hour-long lunch Q&A sessions with an industry expert. Each event is hosted at that expert’s office (or chosen location) and designed to drill down on the LWL NYC member needs. As a LWL member, you’re eligible to apply to host your session.

During the hour-long session, you are to give a brief verbal presentation with basic information on the topic. The session then turns into a Q&A with members bringing their specific questions for discussion.

The Guidelines:

  • Free service for the LWL members
  • One hour window
  • Responsibility for the location
  • Ability to answer detailed questions about the topic

Note: Providing lunch is not part of the commitment. 

To apply, please fill out our submission form.

Here’s an example: Business Incorporation with Lori Hoberman

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