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LUNCH & LEARN - “5 Steps to Get Your Bank to Yes” w/Barbara Vrancik

This event happened 1140 days ago
Time 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Location Barbara's Office
590 Madison Avenue
Contact Mandy Gresh
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Lunch & Learn is an interactive Q&A session hosted by an industry expert in their office. The event is capped at 10-15 attendees to ensure all attendees are able to participate. This event is FREE for Platinum Members. 

March 14 - LUNCH & LEARN - “5 Steps to Get Your Bank to Yes” w/Barbara Vrancik

This event will help you navigate the bank’s credit process and is designed to show you how to:

  • Raise your financial IQ - regardless of your starting place
  • Understand the power of leveraging low-interest funds to create greater opportunities for your business
  • Surprise your banker by having all necessary documentation and a well-prepared credit presentation
  • Speak a banker’s language and explain why you need to know it
  • WOW the banker and get the bank to say “YES”.


Barbara Vrancik, a successful and highly respected business lawyer, offers nearly three decades of senior experience in financing. As a veteran of a major international law firm, Barbara formed Wakelee Law in 2011 to work primarily with entrepreneurs and business owners to ensure that they are prepared to deal with the financial matters in their  businesses and can move forward in financing transactions with ease, credibility and confidence.
Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Barbara was a Partner in the Corporate Finance Group at Sidley Austin LLP in New York City. Her expertise allowed her to structure, document and negotiate some of the most sophisticated financing transactions for many of New York’s largest banks and financial institutions.
Working side-by-side with bankers gave her true insight as to how banks finance and restructure all types of businesses. She understands what makes a bank say “yes”, what a bank considers “risky”, and what a bank REALLY wants from a business owner.
With her extensive experience, effective strategies and client commitment, Barbara is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve the best possible financing outcome so that they can fund their passion - their business.

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