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LUNCH & LEARN - Small Business Development Center Overview w/ Keren Crispin

This event happened 1154 days ago
Time 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Location Small Business Development Center
Baruch College, 55 Lexington (entrance on 24th and 25th Street), Room 2-140
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Lunch & Learn is an interactive Q&A session hosted by an industry expert in their office. The event is capped at 10-15 attendees to ensure all attendees are able to participate. This event is FREE for Platinum Members. 


Keren Crispin, a business advisor, will speak about the free services available for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Baruch College. This event was created exclusively to help Ladies Who Launch members. 
SBDC provides an array of services which may include helping write business plans, helping with financial projections and cash flow management, getting women-owned business certification and government contracts, registering businesses, marketing, market research, branding, loan packaging, copywriting/ trademarking and complying with licensing and regulatory requirements. Business advisors include professors, MBA grads, a pro bono accountant, and some who also are entrepreneurs themselves. SBDC gives personalized one-on-one counseling but also conducts workshops during the evenings. There is no charge for any of the SBDC services.

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