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WOW, INFORM, CONVERT: How to Talk About Your Business - Clearly and Engagingly

This event happened 1677 days ago
Time 6:30PM - 9:00PM
Location Select Office Suites
1115 Broadway, 12th Floor (at 25th St.) New York, NY 10010
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We know you have something powerful, unique, and hot to offer this world.  But when a stranger asks you about your business, do they get your IT factor, your WOW, your secret sauce?  Do people's eyes glaze over or do they sparkle when you tell them what you do for a living?

Here's what one best-selling author said about our guest speaker:

"Mark Levy is  positioning guru extraordinaire," and is "my guru in residence."-- David Meerman Scott, author of the bestsellers, The New Rules of Marketing & PR and World Wide Rave

If what you say about your brand sounds ordinary, boring, confusing, or gimmicky - than you are doing yourself, and those you could possibly help, an injustice.  Nobody wins. 

What's worse, is that if you get enough of those glazed over looks you may begin to even doubt your own skills, concept, or business.

"Mark helped me rethink my entire business in one day. He's a miracle worker." -- Cali Yost, Fast Company "Expert Blogger" and CEO, Work + Life Fit, Inc.

If you’ve spent years looking for an elevator speech that does justice to you and your work, you’ll want to be sure to join us for Mark Levy’s workshop.

In it, Mark will teach us liberating and un-intimidating methods for coming up with a speech that demands attention.

He’ll also instruct us on other persuasive language tools, including his insight-based case studies technique (which draws listeners to you, as it gives them an entertaining x-
ray of how your mind works).

"Mark Levy is a Superman of the Mind. He's a walking, talking, money-making brain on steroids." -- Joe Vitale, founder of Hypnotic Marketing and star of the film, The Secret

Mark runs the marketing strategy firm, Levy Innovation ( Bestselling author David Meerman Scott calls him “a positioning guru extraordinaire.”

Strategist Simon Sinek said that Mark “helped me find my why.” Debbie Weil, who Washingtonian magazine named as one of Washington’s top technology leaders, said that Mark is “a horse whisperer for writers and business thinkers.”

Mark has written for the New York Times, and has authored five books. His latest is the newly released: Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight,
and Content
has already hit #1 on Amazon's "Creativity & Genius" list for eBooks..  In it, Mark  teaches readers how to use free writing as a problem-solving tool and as a tool of thought leadership.

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