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Mandy Gresh

Incubator Leader

Mandy Gresh is a fellow launcher and business strategist with over a decade of experience. She was recently featured on BlogHer to discuss her own journey toward creating the life she desires! As an Incubator Leader, she is committed to helping other women cultivate their dreams too. Mandy's specialty is execution - working with individuals to launch their businesses. Prior to launching, Mandy worked at Travelzoo where she held a variety of roles including leading the company’s expansion into the Canadian market. From selling media placements to producing website copy and recruiting, she built the business to an annual revenue of nearly $4 million. She also held roles in marketing, content production and business development. In addition to her role at Ladies Who Launch, Mandy consults with individuals and corporations, while also building out her passion project, a localized portal that connects dog owners with their community. Mandy often gets made fun of for carrying around so many different business cards, but she has a lot of passions! For more about her journey, checkout her blog Or if you want to discuss business ideas, visit or sign up for her next Incubator!

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