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Too Much Emotion Is Sabotaging

What distinguishes a successful business from an unsuccessful one? From my observations, here’s the secret:

Successful businesses operate from a consistent vision,
anchored in a business plan, executed by a well-led team
operating from a rational, not emotional point of view

Many entrepreneurs start businesses from passion, which functions very well as a starting point. The trick is to maintain the passion but operate your business from a sound base of logic.
Your business is a mere hobby unless you establish and follow a business model that (eventually) turns a profit. This may sound hard, but it’s really not, especially when this is the foundation from the very beginning.
When you solve problems from a logical point of view, not an emotional one, you make choices that serve the business and not your ego. Keep asking yourself if feelings are getting in the way. If they are, reestablish your determination to operate from logic. New habits are created over time. Give yourself a break and focus on applying more and more logic to every aspect of your business. As this becomes your norm, business becomes easier.

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Be Bold and Don't Worry

I was out socially with a group of very successful entrepreneurs. I raised the subject of “modeling”, in the context of role-modeling success after others. Specifically I wanted to know who they had modeled themselves after to achieve their goals. To my surprise, they expressed in unison that their success was largely based on NOT modeling themselves after anyone, but rather on making creative, “out of the box” choices based on their own intuition.

Pushing them further, I asked them to remember books of famous entrepreneurs they may have read or historical figures they may have turned to. They went on to explain that it was not that they discounted these stories and figures, but rather that ultimately it was their ability to be bold in the process of launching that ultimately led to their success. Additionally, they agreed that it was only when they stopped incessantly worrying about whether they would be successful or not, that they finally achieved their goals. My tip for today is simple: “Be bold and Don’t worry.”

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Energy Clearing

You don’t have to be a Feng Shui expert to recognize good or bad energy in your physical space—you can usually sense it immediately upon walking into a room. This frequently happens with furniture layouts, colors and the positioning of doors and hallways. When you cross check your “gut feeling” against actual Feng Shui practices, you’ll find that there is a huge intuitive aspect to the energy configuration and sensibility of a space.
The next time you walk into an unfamiliar house, office or building, try this: Take notice of how you feel the moment you walk in. Do you feel free, open, unconstrained [a good sign that the Chi (energy) is flowing freely] or do you feel confined, stifled, bottled up?
As much as possible, in your own environtment, strive for a feeling of free-flowing movement, balanced with groundedness. Groundedness, or the sense of being “anchored” allows you the ultimate ability to move freely knowing you have a solid foundation. Once you’ve established a feeling of good energy flow, examine the elements in the room and see if they match typical Feng Shui guidelines. You’ll be amazed at your ever-increasing accuracy.

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Happiness Experts Say Creating Moments of Joy with Your Product is Key

Happiness is becoming a focal point of business and here’s why:
When you create moments of joy throughout a customer’s encounter with your product, you are more likely to experience the ripple effect that an emotionally positive experience can have on your business. The trick to creating moments of joy with your product is to concentrate on the details. Is it easy to purchase your product? Does the packaging inspire a smile? Are there moments of sheer pleasure that the customer can point to throughout the buying process? The minute a potential customer comes into contact with what you have to offer, you and your product are officially “in relationship” with that customer.
Like any successful relationship, the small things matter—everything from colors to the language you use to the personality of the person who sells it to you. If you want to create a lasting and viral impact on the end-user, it might be worth it to micro manage the details until you get the customer experience on par with the feeling one has when they bite into a freshly baked cookie or open a gift from a loved one.

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TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011

One Simple Feng Shui Rule for Increasing Prosperity

Feeling like your physical space might need a boost? Try infusing water elements into your surroundings as a way to retain and activate “chi” or life force energy. According to Feng Shui experts, incorporating water features like fountains or aquariums, can unblock stuck energy resulting in enhanced creativity, increased motivation and more acute opportunity filters. Although water is a universal symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity, Feng Shui experts apply certain formulas and guidelines relating to placement, direction and flow of water in one’s home for optimal results. A good rule of thumb for inside the house is to opt for the inward flow of water towards the center of the house which symbolizes the influx of wealth rather than the other way around.

Never orientate the water to flow outwards towards a door or window. Important to note is that the flow of water represents your income whereas a body of water is your wealth accumulator. One easy way to optimize your wealth accumulation is to place a body of water, like an aquarium, in the right location and in the right proportion to the room in which it is placed.

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MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011

On Your Next Trip to NY... Stay Here

If you want a cutting edge New York experience and a real hotel treat, gift yourself the pleasure of a stay at The Crosby Street Hotel.

Now having stayed at this boutique hotel, ideally located in the heart of Soho, several times, I can honestly say that it’s hard to identify just one thing about it that makes it so special. It’s a torturous decision, for example, to decide where to have your first drink, coffee, tea or snack: The Drawing Room (quieter, more soothing, modern but warm in feel, library-like) or the Restaurant / Bar complete with loungie banquettes, colorful fabrics and floor to ceiling glass doors that open to the most unique sculpture garden I’ve ever seen.

The crowd is hip, well-dressed, and eclectic. Global travelers abound! Don’t miss the screening room downstairs and take note of every single piece of art, furniture and wall hanging– if they aren’t all one-of-a-kind, they certainly look that way. The details of the decor are astounding and the rooms, some complete with window seats, floor to ceiling glass windows and private gardens, are sure not to disappoint. I’d say the team behind this hotel should be more than commended for transforming what was once a parking lot into the new Soho darling.

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Victoria's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

For years I’ve searched for a chocolate chip cookie recipe that combines flavor, texture and chocolate with some nutritional value. I’ve experimented with many recipes, substitutes and whole grains only to be underwhelmed by cardboard results and below average satisfaction.

I take my cookie cravings seriously and there’s only so much applesauce puree in lieu of butter and maple syrup in lieu sugar that a girl can take before childhood delight morphs into adult debacle.

After years of trying and one cup each of oat and spelt flour respectively later, I think I finally stumbled on healthful perfection. What launcher doesn’t need a little robust decadence, whole grains included, to get through the tough times? See below for a chocolate chip cookie recipe that produces delectables even the kids will gobble up!

Semi-healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

A little less than 1 cup oat flour
A little less than 1 cup spelt flour
½ cup salted butter (must be salted for best flavor)
1 brown, organic egg
¾ cup dark brown sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 bag or a little less (to taste) semi sweet chocolate chips
Preheat oven, mix and bake according to Nestle Toll House recipe.

KEY: Under-bake the cookies. Best when served warm. Enjoy!

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Getting the "Calm" Out of Lavender

Best known for its relaxing properties, but also touted for its bacteria fighting attributes, lavender has always been one of my favorite scents. If I could infuse it into every room, pillow and sheet on a permanent basis, I would.

Sadly, if you’re like me, keeping up with scented candles, lamp infusers, room sprays and the like seems like a never ending process with short lived value and costly implications. I recently learned a trick that you can easily implement too.

Try this: Whether lavender or some other fragrance, acquire a small bottle of essential oil, the simplest and purest form of it. Keep it conveniently located and whenever you’re in the mood (bedtime, a stressful moment, or in need of a boost), apply a few drops to the palms of your hands, rub together and inhale. Take several deep breaths into your hands and enjoy the fragrance. Repeat as often as desired. You can do this on airplanes or at bedtime with your children.

You’ll find this method can be quite addicting and that there are many unexpected moments, especially with the calming effects of lavender, that this trick will come in handy.

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MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011

A shift in consciousness may mean shifting your business

A shift in consciousness may mean shifting the way you think about your business. The world is changing and so are we.  It occurred to me not too long ago that the fragmented ways in which we now absorb and collect information has made using traditional tried and true methods to spread the word about our businesses difficult and ineffective. The reality is that people are fighting to escape the messages that are coming at them at an overwhelming velocity; as the entrepreneur, you're fighting for that mental and virtual space. After much analysis, experimentation and conversations with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs about what works and what doesn't, it's clear that the only solutions for effective marketing are "out of the box", creative strategies that are and will continue to evolve. Here's my latest advice and 3  immediate ideas (along with turnkey solutions on Ladies Who Launch) to think about to promote your business:

Throw a party: Having a get-together is a fun way to foster connectivity among others and create a relationship with your product or service. Feelings of connectedness inspire trust and loyalty, creating a foundation for spreading the word. What's more, the best kept party thrower secret is the enhanced exposure that flows not just from the attendees, those who show up, but from the invitees, those who are now exposed to your business and talking about it, as a result. You'd be amazed at how much just a little "viral" chit chat can do to create ripple effects on the growth of your business. When you do an event, you can now list it in the Ladies Who Launch directory for an enhanced marketing boost.

Do a webinar: Offering a free webinar is a great way to build trust and credibility with new customers because it gives you a chance to share your knowledge and experience in a non-threatening, personalized environment. If you're unfamiliar with how this works, we are now offering members the chance to do webinars using our platform, expertise and marketing outreach. This ensures you'll have a brand new audience interested in what you have to offer, not to mention we'll work with you to get the messaging correct.

Post on Facebook: Easier said than done. Posting on Facebook is theoretically a great way to spread the word about your business, but in practice, most people get this wrong. The important thing is to start a conversation and often the more provocative the topic, the higher the engagement. Think of the world of Facebook as a giant cocktail party-- the point is to make people "like" and trust you as a person. Once you establish this relationship, they'll want to know more about your product or service. We've become experts on what works, how to start conversations, craft messages accordingly and when to shift from personal to business. We're offering turnkey packages to members who are interesting in taking advantage of our expertise and getting in front of our 100,000 plus community.

Visit this page to learn more about what we've designed to help you promote your business.

I want to personally invite you to experiment with these possibilities and share your results with our community.
FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011

So Many Tools for the Woman With so Little Time...

So Many Tools for the Woman With so Little Time...

There are so many technology tools that will change your life, make it simpler and eliminate the Tripit.comneed for extra sets of human hands. Nowadays we can do so much ourselves using the right technology and making our lives infinitely easier with the ultimate effect of allowing you to launch your dream business with ease and joy. Here’s what I’m loving these days: Allows you to create trips, share trips simply by forwarding your airline email confirmations, restaurant reservations and hotel confirmations straight to the site. Gone are the days of searching for the addresses or phone numbers to make changes or get last minute directions. As a premium member, you can also track your trips in terms of airplane flight time status, as well as share this information with others. There are mobile apps that let you constantly view information in real time, connecting you to maps and syncing with your calendar, eliminating the need for extensive manual inputs. This is a real winner and a time saver, one of my new faves!

Open Table: This is a lifesaver for restaurant reservations and can be done as well as checked, changed, revised straight from your mobile device. Searches are quick and easy and there are lots of built in incentives. If you’re any kind of foodie, like me, you’ll love being able to explore new places and get easy access to reservations.

Google docs and applications: Google has essentially completely eliminated the need for a hard drive as long as you have internet access. All your working documents, calendar, and email can be stored and accessed in Google’s “cloud” and you can share with specific items with others, eliminating the need for sending large attachments and making it easier for multiple parties to review and modify documents. The functionality just keeps getting better. Leave it to Google.

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