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FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011

I have a secret...

…that I need to share with you (and you won’t hear this from too many small business public relations professionals).  Drum roll…PR is not brain surgery!  In fact,  with a little bit of guidance, you can actually do it yourself.

For instance, today I was on a call with a potential client who is going to be launching a new beauty PR product.  She was inquiring about my DIY PR Pack and she wanted my honest opinion.  She asked me, “Could she seriously secure press on her own without the help of the publicist?”   She was horrible at selling herself. How is this possible?  Where would she find the time?  How would she know who to contact?   These may be some of the questions you can ask yourself when trying to do your own PR.   Here are a few things to keep in mind:


1. PR Strategy – Start with an effective PR strategy that involves brainstorming a relevant PR hook or media angle; determining your ultimate customer/client; and researching and targeting media publications that are in line with your audience.

2. Pitch Notes – Media pitch notes are short, concise and relevant email notes written for a journalist with a specific media outlet section/column in mind.  Journalists are receiving hundreds of email pitches a day so it’s important to really nail your pitch in 4-5 sentences.

3. Press Release – Press releases are an excellent tool to share news about a product or service in a central document with the media.  However, these days a press release isn’t only reserved for the media.  Today, press releases are also for your customers since they can easily access your press release online.  Plus, your release should be search engine optimized so it appears in Google searches.

4. Media Contact Lists – A media list is a list of journalists or producers from newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio or TV shows with contact information.  Select the media outlets and contacts based on your PR media strategy.

All of the above items are included in my fully customized DIY PR Pack.  Click here to learn about some of Pesce PR’s DIY PR Pack Alumni who have taken advantage of this affordable PR option.

Do you think you can do your own PR?  Yes? No?  Why?