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Summer Fun with the Kids

In this economy, most of us will not be going on any elaborate vacations for Spring Break this year, so instead, well be spending a week at home. If you and your family are accustomed to vacations, staying at home may seem boring and uneventful, so this is where you need to get creative!

The last thing you want is a bored, bummed out kid at your ankles all week, when this is supposed to be your vacation too! The first step is to do activities that are not typical for you and your family. So, if going to the park to toss a football or to ride your bikes is something you do together often, then skip it this week. If you rarely do outdoor family activities, then have at it! Keep your child active, and he or she is bound to have fun!

Go to the museum, but if you have options around you, try to choose a museum that would be of interest to your child. Squeezing some education into a summer break vacation is a great idea, but only if your child doesn't know its educational. If he/she is having fun and thinks the exhibits are cool, you have succeeded!

Learn a new sport! Kids love to play    sports, so choose one they have never tried before, preferably one your are very familiar with, and teach them the rules, the tricks, the moves, and even the gear. The more you get into it, the more fun you will all have! Ok, you don't have to force them to be out of the house the entire week. We know how much kids love video games, so go ahead and let them choose one day this week to squeeze in some video games. This will be perfect for a rainy day activity. Try to make it something different for them though. Instead of letting them play alone or with their best friend, jump in and play with them. Create a little competition out of it, with prizes, and be as animated and goofy as you can.

Take a day or even two to go on a little road trip to a new place. Go exploring for bugs and plants in nature or in a nearby campground to hike and bike, or to a tourist attraction that you have never been to. It may not be a week long trip to Disney, but your kids will appreciate a day or two away from home, and the excitement of an amusement park or local attraction, as long as its new to them. Before the week starts, plan out all of these activities and surprise your child with the itinerary. Even if they are bummed about not going on a real vacation, they will love knowing they have something fun to do every day. Don't leave any time slots empty. You don't want them to feel bored at any point, or it wont be the big exciting week you hope they will brag to their friends about once they return to school. So start planning and HAVE FUN!