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TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010

Distracted by the Glitter

Oh, those 'bright shiny objects' they beckon and tantalize.  Entice me to stray, explore and converse endlessly about how fabulous they could be.  Tempt me to long, leisurely web-surfing for content and ideas.  Do you find yourself side-tracked by them?....I do! 

There is just something tantalizing about all of the endless brilliant possiblities.  Every new idea and exciting vision can take on a life of its own and consume more time than I should really give.  When there are exciting things on the horizon, it is easy to get lost in the dreams and vision. 

Learning to focus on the here and now; prioritizing the endless to-do's; maximizing your 'effort = profit' equation....they can all seem tedious and way too hard on a daily basis.  That's why my flights of fancy are stimulated by 'bright shiny objects' from time to time.  And as long as I can reign them in and limit the time I spend on them, they are actually productive.  But that can be the issue.  When do they get in the way?  When is it too much?

Having a set schedule to try to impose some order on my daily activities helps... I left the quest for 'balance' behind long ago!  At the very least I have objectives and tasks worked into my day among all of the phone conversations, meetings and appointments.  I also try to schedule set times to take care of similiar activites.  Hootsuite, Weekly updates and Newsletter writing all take place on Sunday evening and Mondays are for phone calls with National, my accountability group and all of the new women who have signed up on line.  I tend to start and end my day with Facebook...but often find myself irresistibly drawn to it during the is a bright, shiny object after all...and it's hard to limit myself!

How do you stay focused on what brings you revenue? you take side trips?...what are your bright shiny obects?