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What Have You Been Meaning to Do For Weeks?

If you are like the clients we work with in my Virtual Assistant agency, then you have a mental list lurking in the back of your head of all the things you have been meaning to do for weeks, but simply have not had the time to get around to.

For instance, you know that there is outdated content on your site but you have more pressing things to do than read that manual again.

Or – you have managed to compile a rather good opt-in email list – something most marketing pros would kill for – but you haven’t been able to get around to writing the auto-responder series out yet. There are just so many other tasks ahead.

Some may say that these issues are trivial. However, they slow your business growth if left unattended.

Those website typos? Even a few spelling mistakes can leave prospective clients wondering how committed you are to your business. Customers feel that you won’t meet their needs if you cannot  update an article to reflect the fact that Windows XP is two releases out of date.

It is with these little tasks that a VA can be of the best help.  A professional virtual assistant team will make those website corrections, get auto-responders and e-mail blasts scheduled, and finally set up that Twitter account that everybody keeps asking why you don’t have yet.

Sometimes in business you really do have to “sweat the small stuff” in order to grow. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to help with the little tasks will let your business and revenue grow, while leaving you free to focus on the big picture.

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