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What is a workshop? What are the benefits of attending a workshop?

Ladies Who Launch workshops are designed to give your ideas a perfect growth environment and a set of tools to take you to the next level. Our workshops are equal parts focus group, resource-sharing, and proven strategies for success.

How long do workshops last?

The Incubator Intensive workshop is a 4-week program that meets once per week for two hours a week. The Free Agent Formula (coming soon) is a 6-week program for two hours a week.

How do I attend a workshop? Where are the located?

Attending a workshop is easy. Simply visit our Local Communities page, select your city and you will be taken to a page listing the dates, times and locations of upcoming workshops near you. It is easy to register online for a workshop of your choice. Currently you will find Ladies Who Launch workshops located in cities across the United States and in Canada.

How much do workshops cost?

The cost of workshops varies by city and the package you select. Once you determine and select your city by visiting our Local Communities area, you can learn more about our pricing and the packages available to you.

Can I sign up a friend to attend a workshop?

Yes! We welcome all friends. When you sign up for yourself, you will be prompted to sign up a friend. Simply fill out the necessary information and sign her up!

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