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What is the Platinum membership program? What are the primary benefits?

The Platinum membership is an exclusive Ladies Who Launch premium membership.

It allows you to connect with other launching ladies, get PR, marketing and distribution opportunities, free classifieds and job postings, and find the answers and resources you need, 24/7. You will be granted access to Incubator-only groups in the network, exclusive PR and partnership opportunities, monthly meetings, and more!

What is the difference between a Platinum member and a registered user?

A Platinum member is a Ladies Who Launch user who has paid for a Platinum membership and joined the Platinum Program through one of our local communities.

Platinum members receive many benefits both online and in-person, including access to special resources, discounts, and events not available to site users. You are considered a registered user on the site when you have registered to gain access to the website. There is no cost to become a registered site user.

How do I purchase a Platinum membership?

It’s easy! Simply visit our Local Communities main landing page, select a city and you will be taken to a page where you can learn more about the membership options and pricing packages available to you.

How much does a Platinum membership cost?

The cost of a Platinum Membership varies by city and is also determined by the package you select. Once you determine and select your city by visiting our Local Communities area, you can learn more about our pricing and the packages available to you.

How are Platinum memberships related to locations? What if I move?

A Ladies Who Launch membership is specific to a Local Community. To be a member, you must be associated with a community. If you move, you can still participate as a member in your new city if Ladies Who Launch has an already established Local Community there. Your Local Communities will honor your membership while you are still an current active member.

How do I manage my Platinum Program membership? How to I cancel it?

You can manage your membership by signing in and going to your account page. You can see your current membership period, experation date, payment history, and other payment information.

To cancel your account, simply use the "Cancel Your Account" link on your account page. You will be presented with a form that allows you to cancel your membership.

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