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What are Ladies Who Launch classified listings?

Our classified directory is a great way to reach thousands of interested targeted leads. We have a variety of categories in which to list your product or service.

You can visit the classified section here. You can learn more on our details page.

How do I purchase a classified listing?

If you are a Platinum Program member then you get unlimited free classified listings. Simply sign in and visit your account page. In the right column you will find a link that allows you to create a listing.

If you are not a Platinum member, you can purchase a classified listing from this page.

What are credits and how do I redeem them?

In the past, members were able to purchasse credits that could be used in lieu of payment towards a classified listing. Many members still have unused credits. These credits can still be redeemed. 1 credit is good for 30 days for a single listing.

To redeem your credits, create a listing on this page. Upon approval, your credits will automatically be deducted from your account and your listing will be activated.

You can see a balance of your remaining credits on your account page, in the right column.

Why do I have to wait for approval? How long does it take?

In order to make sure that we screen out inapproriate content (i.e. spam, obscene material), we make sure all of our directory and classified listings are approved by a staff member. This ensures the quality of our listings and creates a better experience for our users.

Listings are usually approved within 24 hours. You can see the status of any of your listings on your account page, in the right hand column.

How can I delete my listing?

Sign in and visit your account page. In the right column you will find a listing of all of your directory and classified listings. Each one has a "delete" link that can be used to permanently remove the listing.

Keep in mind that you can always edit your listing as well using the "Edit" link. This option should be used in place of deleting a listing and starting from scratch.

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