Women entrepreneurs


How Women Entrepreneurs Make Excellent Leaders


Women entrepreneurs make excellent leaders. They’re passionate and driven, inspiring others with their enthusiasm, intelligence, and determination. With the help of the tremendous resources and information  provided by Ladies Who Launch, women are prospering in business more than ever before. Qualities women have always possessed such as communication skills, self-awareness, and big-picture thinking are now giving women an edge, bringing them entrepreneurial success beyond their wildest dreams.

While all powerful people have personality traits in common, women are naturally wired to be particularly good leaders. The savviest female entrepreneurs embrace these talents. Women are:

  • Good listeners. Every truly great leader listens more than she talks, making customers and colleagues feel important and comfortable. Listening is also a terrific source of first-hand feedback.
  • Effective communicators. Out of the thousands of entrepreneurs in business today, the most successful are the women with the best communication skills. While many businesses boast excellent products and services, the entrepreneurs who can sell their superiority, build a following, and foment enthusiasm will ultimately be the most successful.
  • Authentic. Women involved in thriving entrepreneurial ventures are extremely self-aware and comfortable with who they are, whether this means working in a traditional office or working from home . The best leaders know people are drawn to their authenticity. They have a strong sense of how they are perceived and wisely use their personalities, values, and lifestyle choices as part of their business plans.
  • Connectors. Because women are such natural connectors, people are drawn to businesses run by female entrepreneurs. Women easily build relationships and reach out to customers, employees, and friends. Entrepreneurs who take the time to connect with individuals are accessible, while corporations can be cold. Women are experts at creating companies people can believe in.
  • Not perfect. Women entrepreneurs don’t pretend to have all the answers. We are willing to admit mistakes, learn from them, and share our struggles openly in order to move our dreams and projects forward.