VoIP System Costs

A VoIP solution will typically cost less than traditional phone systems, and can be used by businesses of any size. VoIP phone systems provide the possibility to even the playing field between small businesses and large businesses by giving small businesses the same phone system capabilities that large companies can afford to use at a lesser cost.

Regardless of your business size, a VoIP system can be a very cost-effective choice. Though installing a VoIP system into your office may be somewhat costly, that amount of money you can save on your monthly phone charges make it well worth it. Installation costs will vary depending on which phone service vendor you choose to use, and can range from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Your monthly fees will also vary. The cost of your monthly phone bill will also be determined by the number of employees your company has, as well as what phone features you decide to incorporate into your phone plan. Some additional costs to consider are:

  • Initial startup costs – How much it will cost to install network and voice traffic data. If you have a brand new office, you can expect your costs to be somewhat higher. Routers, additional bandwidth, and necessary software should also be considered in this initial cost.
  • Operational costs – How much you can expect to pay for equipments upgrades and routine maintenance. VoIP service providers will likely charge a monthly fee to operate and manage, which should include these costs.


    Compare Phone Systems

    There are a couple instances in which deciding to use a VoIP phone system in your office can be a very cost-effective choice. They include:

  • New office – If your business is moving into a new office, choosing to install VoIP phone systems can save you a lot of money because you won’t have to run separate cabling for your phone system and your Internet connection.
  • Long-distance calling – A Voice over IP service can save your company a substantial amount of money if you frequently make long-distance or international calls. Because calls are sent over the Internet, the proximity of the origin of a call and its destination cannot be determined, which means long-distance charges cannot be incurred.
  • Remember, internet phone system costs will vary based on several factors, including the service provider you choose. In order to get relevant quotes, know what types of phone features your business will need before you start calling potential vendors. It may also be beneficial to contact several vendors in order to get the lowest price available.

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