Victoria’s Tip: Energy Shifting

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Chapter 5: Energy Shifting

In the last chapter we talked about not forcing an outcome and releasing resistance. This chapter discusses how to shift your energy so that can happen.
Invariably, letting go of resistance means letting go of control. Letting go of control can be scary territory for many of us because it leaves us open and vulnerable to the possibilities of things happening that we may never have imagined. If you are uncomfortable with new ways of looking at things, this can seem especially daunting. The goal is to operate from a place of inner heart guidance and not from a place of control. Control represents an unnatural and inauthentic perspective, often leading to undesirable results in some area of our life (even if other areas of our lives are working using the “control” strategy). Note that when some area of our life is working using the “control” strategy, we are often mislead. We trick ourselves into believing that the same strategy can be applied to other areas of our lives with similarly positive and desirable results.
Often, however, this is not the case.

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