Victoria’s LaunchTip: How to Deal with Transitions

Transitions can be the bane of a motivated entrepreneur’s existence, yet they are necessary elements of growth and the key to moving forward. Ultimately, adjusting to transitions in your business or life requires a drive to push through discomfort, letting go of strategies that don’t serve us, even when there is strong temptation to do otherwise.

We often hang on to routines and rituals simply because they have been around for so long, that we might feel lost without them. We fail to ask ourselves why we are still doing the same old routine when it may no longer be in our best interests. Sometimes, we barely have an awareness at all—we act on autopilot. But the truth is that staying relevant with frequent business and lifestyle updates is the key to growth and momentum. There is a reason that as human beings, we have an innate ability to adapt to change. If only we could spend more time embracing this part of ourselves, we might expedite growth and success and reach our goals faster.

Start with small updates to your life. Try a cutting edge yoga class or a raw food cleanse. Turn your life on its ear for moments throughout your week. See how it feels and keep pushing through discomfort as much as possible. Discomfort is usually a sign of the next big breakthrough, indicating you are on the path towards getting what you want.

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