Victoria’s LaunchTip: Happiness Experts Say Creating Moments of Joy with Your Product is Key

Happiness is becoming a focal point of business and here’s why: When you create moments of joy throughout a customer’s encounter with your product, you are more likely to experience the ripple effect that an emotionally positive experience can have on your business. The trick to creating moments of joy with your product is to concentrate on the details. Is it easy to purchase your product? Does the packaging inspire a smile? Are there moments of sheer pleasure that the customer can point to throughout the buying process? The minute a potential customer comes into contact with what you have to offer, you and your product are officially “in relationship” with that customer. Like any successful relationship, the small things matter—everything from colors to the language you use to the personality of the person who sells it to you. If you want to create a lasting and viral impact on the end-user, it might be worth it to micro manage the details until you get the customer experience on par with the feeling one has when they bite into a freshly baked cookie or open a gift from a loved one.


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