Victoria’s LaunchTip: Communicating Change: Frame it in the Positive

Change is inevitable in business and in life. When we make major changes to ourselves and our lives, we are choosing to grow and evolve over remaining static and stuck. Sometimes the biggest problems with such decisions arise not from the changes themselves, but from how to communicate them effectively to the outside world. We have been conditioned by society to resist change and therefore we often view and receive change negatively and fearfully. Taking this human tendency into account, then, it becomes clear that the “positive positioning” of change is critical to creating positive energy and forward momentum around what you are building.

The best approach we can take is to navigate the energy of others in a way that minimizes upheaval and makes them feel safe, while simultaneously gets them excited and garners their support.

The solution? Frame it in the positive! No matter how much analysis or stress you encountered in getting to the result, communicate the result in a positive manner. Refrain from expressing any negative emotion or sentiment around it. The reality is that we all agonize over certain decisions in our lives, but hopefully we come out on top, taking our experiences and the advice of experts, to reach a decision that is in our best interests and in the best interests of our business. Reminding yourself of the “why” around your decision will lead you to using positive verbiage in your change communications.

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