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Google-AppsGoogle Apps is a suite of online business-class applications that inaxcludes Gmail for business with integrated IM, voice and video chat, shared calendars, word processing, spreadsheets, internal websites, and more.

Plus, it’s a great deal – it costs less than $5 per user a month (only $50 per user a year). You can try Google Apps for 30 days, FREE.

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Try Google Apps for 30 days, FREE.



Are Your Strategies Working?

Strategy is a funny word. The dictionary used the following definition: a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result. The word certainly applies a well-thought out, time intensive process leading to an end-game. The truth is, in all situations we are applying strategies all the time. We have strategies for getting ready in the morning, for disciplining our children, for taking care of ourselves, for communicating with our partner, sibling or friend. Most of these strategies are employed unconsciously or reactively without much thought or devotion to sequencing and planning. Even our business strategies on a day-to-day basis are, by and large, reactive. When we take the time to step back and have an awareness of our strategies, we can analyze whether they are working.
We ask ourselves: Are we achieving the results we want? Are we experiencing feelings of success, peace and happiness? Whenever I answer “no” to these questions, I know it is time to change my strategy, and the ability to change, shift and adapt, to create something fresh and anew: Well, that is the ultimate control over your destiny.


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