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Telling Your Story

Often when try to explain a new venture, idea or passion to someone, we speak in broad terms about the concept, trying to make it relatable to everyone. In doing so, we lose sight of peoples’ natural ways of digesting information.

When you explain what it is that you do or your product or service does, it is helpful—compelling even—to walk the listener through a relatable story that can be told about one person rather than many. In fact, in almost every business discussion I have now, I always ask to be walked through one example so that I can truly understand what that organization actually does.

Studies show that it is much easier to put ourselves in the position of “one person” than it is to put ourselves in the shoes of many. That’s why we fall in love with characters in books and movies; we actually fall in love with their story. Their story plays on our empathies and the more empathetic we are, the more “in love” with the character and the story we become.

What is your story? Who is your character? What is it that she can’t figure out and how are you (your idea, product or service) solving her problem?

Although there are probably many stories that apply to what you are doing, pick one. This can be difficult and the temptation is not to, but if you do, you’ll notice people respond differently. They “get it.” And others “getting it” is the first and very critical step toward your success.


Find Out How to Perform Quality Background Checks

payrollWhether you are a post start-up company, or just getting started, chances are you’ll need to hire employees to grow your business. If your business is or operates with schools, hospitals, financial institutions, airports, or the government, a background check is required by federal or state law.

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