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Work in Reverse

Consider doing the exact opposite. When everyone is moving in one direction, do the reverse. Often, doing the opposite of a trend is where the greatest opportunity lies. In fact, once a trend has become a trend and the masses notice it as such, there is probably little opportunity to capitalize on it. Here are some examples of companies that took the leap by doing the opposite and experienced success as a result:
When Google emerged, instead of creating a cluttered search page, they went in the opposite direction of “less is more” creating clean white space which turned out to be what users wanted.
With the advent of the iPad, Apple created a bigger device, not a smaller device—now everyone’s copying.
With the advent of social media, Ladies Who Launch decided to focus on building in-person communities. We took an informed guess that women wanted to connect in each others’ personal space. At least some of the time, maybe they even craved this.
Vosges chocolate added “sea salt” to many of its varieties; now it seems to be a trend, people love the salty/sweet combination.
Opening their doors in August, 2010, The Penny Ice Creamery is an artisanal ice cream shop in Northern California whose business philosophy is based in the primary use of local and sustainably-grown ingredients. Not intimidated by the current economic outlook, the owners did “the opposite”; boldly launched their new business at the same time other entrepreneurs were cutting back or waiting for the trend to change before embarking on new endeavors.

To practice “doing the opposite,” begin doing little things differently in your everyday life. See how you feel. Observe your thoughts and emotions around this exercise and make bigger changes as your confidence grows. Soon “doing the opposite” will be your natural state-of-being.


Find Out How to Perform Quality Background Checks

payrollWhether you are a post start-up company, or just getting started, chances are you’ll need to hire employees to grow your business. If your business is or operates with schools, hospitals, financial institutions, airports, or the government, a background check is required by federal or state law.

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