Victoria’s LaunchTip: Feeling down? Make a Correction.

Encountering setbacks is difficult no matter how strong, confident or successful we are. In my world, a setback is defined as an event that throws us in reverse, thwarts our plans or creates paralysis. It could be a rejection, a shortcoming or an oversight. Although we may have little control over the event once it has occurred, we can always control our reactions to the event. We can make “corrections.” Making corrections as we go along is an incremental yet powerful way to keep moving forward without feeling overwhelmed. With each “correction”, we come closer to achieving our goals and we gain confidence in our ability to dictate our lives and make choices that fulfill us. Making corrections requires that we “check our work” or “check in with ourselves” periodically on our preferences, our forward movement, our success.

When you make it a habit to check in with yourself once a day, once a week, or once a month, you are more likely to catch your mistakes which opens the possibility for fixing them. Your check-in checklist should consist of the following questions: “Am I getting the results I want?”; “Am I living the life I want?”; “Is my business facilitating and integrating with the life I want to live?”; “Do I feel happy?”. If you answer “No” to any of these questions, start with one correction; make a different choice; keep moving.

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