Victoria’s LaunchTip: How Many People Are You and Are You at Peace?

When it comes to being entrepreneurs, I know that many of us find ourselves straddling more worlds than one. We may be a mom and businesswoman, a freelancer and a product producer, a full-time employee and an artist on the side. At times this may feel difficult or conflicting. We feel “at odds” with who we are; we may struggle with how to define ourselves—both to ourselves and to the rest of the world. We develop ways of talking to ourselves internally and we may shift what we say or how we say it depending on which one of ourselves we are addressing at any given time. For a moment I want to suggest that you let the tension melt away, imagine fusing the various parts of yourself into one, let go of your resistance and be okay with the many facets of who you are. Revel in the fact that you can access each part of yourself on an as-needed basis. Find peace in the world and your place in it. In other words, straddle your worlds with ease and joy.

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