Victoria’s LaunchTip: Top 5 Ways to Identify an Opportunity and When to Act On It.

Opportunities are everywhere but the trick is bringing them into your awareness field, identifying them and then acting on them. When an opportunity does come into your awareness field and you have a strong conviction about it, act on it right way! Here are my top 5 ways to identify an opportunity that should be grabbed versus an every-day event that may not have the same dramatic impact. When an opportunity is staring you in the face, here’s what you can expect:

1. Something on a gut level feels right, even if all logic dictates otherwise.

2. The event, if acted on, will further a long-held dream but likely in a way you never expected. In other words “the how” is a big surprise.

3. You have physical feelings of excitement, joy, maybe even peace, around acting on the event, but this does NOT translate to feelings of an adrenaline rush, stress or anxiety.

4. People around you may be encouraging you to move forward, but not overly so.

5. When you imagine what life would be like after the opportunity has been acted on, you feel as if “this is doable”, or a sense of comfort that stretches you a little but not too much.

What opportunities are in your path this very moment? Look for them. I’ve learned over time that they are omnipresent and as close to the divine as you can get in this lifetime.

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