Victoria’s LaunchTip: How You Can Feel More Connected

Engaging in activities with others leads to enhanced feelings of connectedness as opposed to the acquisition of objects, which leads to feelings of separateness. When we shop and buy things, it is usually to impress others, as opposed to immersing ourselves in “experiences” which connect us to others. This may seem counterintuitive since many of us use shopping for things as a leisure activity and welcome break in our day. However, if you ever note how you feel after purchasing a new pair of shoes or fabulous handbag, the pleasure you receive is usually short lived and unsatisfying—hence leading to the desire for more purchases in the hopes that more things will lead to more satisfaction, which it never does, but usually leads to a shopaholic addiction instead. Next time you are considering a leisure activity or how to spend bonus cash, consider the long lasting purchase of an experience over something material as much more fulfilling solution and enhanced enjoyment of your life.

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