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Many manifestation experts talk about the act of noticing or observing.

When you feel truly stuck, stand back and observe. Without judgment, observe everything around you-including nature, numbers, thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself what the observer is telling you. Look for specific clues about what you are noticing and ask for guidance about how your observations may illuminate your decisions. Specifically, ask the observer about the feeling of paralysis and to reveal solutions for getting unstuck.

In life, there is no right or wrong. We create the concept of duality to make sense of the world; to build structures in our brains that provide a road map to understanding. Unfortunately, that can also construct limitations.

If you erase the concept of “contrast” from your mind, the world becomes a limitless territory and you are free to create your own map. In an experimental mode, try viewing peoples’ behavior and everything around you in terms of “these are results and information” to help me, instead of the usual “right or wrong.” You immediately notice how things shift; your perception may change and you begin to release attachment to predisposed values that may limit you or disallow what you want.

Bringing this concept back to observation-observation and taking notice can truly help you reprogram your brain and move into a more positive, productive space. Here’s the bottom line: life really doesn’t need to be hard. You can get what you want with ease. If you’re not, changing your approach is the proven method to changing your life.


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