Tips for Your Direct Mail Campaign

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Tips for Your Direct Mail Campaign

The capabilities of your direct mail campaign is going to vary. It will largely depend on the number and quality of the mailing pieces actually sent out, as well as how the list is targeted and other factors. You can estimate that 1-3 percent of direct mail campaigns can result in a sale. If you have an extremely targeted list or strategy you can expect a conversion rate of up to 10 percent. Don’t let these numbers get you down. Keep in mind that direct mail campaigns are usually quick, easy and usually inexpensive to achieve. A positive ROI can usually result with if just 1-2 percent of your mail recipients making a purchase. Below are some tips to take into account for your direct mail campaign.

Look to the Professionals

Marketing firms and direct mailing services can assist you on designing the materials you will need, write the copy for your mailer, and also find mailing lists that are targeted to your customers. If you want to choose the DIY method, which would entail choosing a design firm, copywriting professional, a printer, and a mailing company based on recommendations, that is another way to go. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just make sure you hire experienced professionals.

Establish ROI

A great way to track your results is to print a special code on your postcard or brochure that will make the customer type in or present to redeem the special offer you are giving them. Tracking the success of your campaign can help you plan for future mailing campaigns.

Don’t just mail once

It has been reported that direct mail campaigns are successful when they are ongoing. Consecutive mailings can introduce customers to new products, thank customers for making a purchase, and alert them of upcoming sales and promotions.

Make them want to read your mailing

A professional copywriting or mailing service can help you draft a compelling offer for your direct mailing campaign. Remember that the best direct mail campaigns don’t just “tell” your customers about your product but they make the reader want to perform an action. They will want to check out your website, take advantage of the offer you are offering, or redeem a discount coupon by making a purchase. We all have thrown away junk mail because it didn’t appeal to us, so make sure you have something that really jumps off the page.

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