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PURLs Made Easy™ is the revolutionary direct-response marketing system that allows users to create Personalized URLs and Personalized Landing Pages for each one of their prospects and/or customers, featuring variable text, images, links, opt-in forms, surveys, and even video and sound. A typical PURL looks like: “” or “”

Users typically invite their contacts to their respective PURLs via a VDP (variable data print) direct mail postcard or an email blast using a third-party system.

PURLs Made Easy™ also allows users to create [Generic] URLs and Landing Pages, which allow visitors to access the same content as a personalized URL campaign, but instead from a static (“same to all”) domain name and landing page. Generic URLs/landing pages are the ideal direct-response marketing channel for all mass media marketing, including print and web ads, social media websites, blog posts, and broadcast media (TV and radio).


The idea to develop PURLs Made Easy™ was born and outlined in early 2008… Jackie Crino was the Director of Marketing for an international marketing consulting firm based in NYC, working at the forefront of the marketing technology industry; training senior executives and sales teams of multi-million dollar print and direct mail services companies on how to integrate cutting-edge online and offline direct marketing methods to boost marketing response rates and returns on investments; and playing an integral role in the strategy, design, implementation, and testing of direct-response marketing campaigns on behalf of dozens of medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. During this amazing time in her career, there were two major emerging 21st Century marketing technologies, which were easily identifiable as the secret missing ingredients in developing the most effective marketing plans for business growth. These 21st Century marketing technologies are: Personalized URLs (PURLs) and Generic URLs (GURLs). Jacki became very intrigued with the power of these technologies in boosting marketing response rates and effectiveness; so by the end of 2008, she decided to leave Corporate America for good and embark on her entrepreneurial endeavor to put together a system that made these 21st Century marketing technologies (namely PURLs) – which before only existed at a price-point appropriate for medium and large-sized companies – accessible, affordable, and easy-to-implement for any solo professional or entrepreneur. Out of that need, PURLs Made Easy™ was born as the first company under Daydreamer Enterprises, LLC – our parent company.

Since their official launch in January 2010, PURLs Made Easy™ has been experiencing a healthy growth of new accounts made up of business owners and solo professionals from a vast array of industries – all while only having scratched the surface of their marketing plan. However, the biggest success this early in the game has been truly mastering the integration of the “best of the best” teams of people and marketing tools and technologies into everything that is PURLs Made Easy™ (a major challenge for most start-up technology companies). Today, their marketing system is nothing short of exceptional; everything is “on point,” and they are very proud of the fact that they can offer their customers – consisting of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solo professionals – the industry’s best 21st Century PURL and GURL landing page marketing system, along with the best team of marketing strategists and programmers to provide top-notch support and innovation and maintain and surpass the standard of being a remarkable modern company now and into the future.

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