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Cory Ceizer

“What is the weather like outside?” “What do I wear today?”
This is how the founders of The Weather Stylist characterize the situation many women face while deciding outfits for the day and week ahead, packing clothes for an upcoming trip or picking outfit options for the upcoming weekend. The Weather Stylist iphone application and is a must have tool that picks the ideal outfit based on the current weather conditions for over 25,000 cities in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as 500 international cities.

The Weather Stylist and The Weather Stylist iphone application offers:

* A variety of outfit options to fit weather forecasts, including must have clothing and accessories.
* Travel deals, destination information and packing tips.
* Information on the latest designer steals and deals.
* News updates & much more!

It’s like having a personal stylist 24/7!

The Weather StylistCory Ceizler was born in NYC and grew up in Los Angeles. Andrea (The Weather Stylist Partner) and Cory met at Boston University and lived together in NYC after college. Both ladies needed to learn how to dress for the winter and the unpredictable east coast weather. Cory was always the girl getting caught without an umbrella when a nor’easter hit or wearing her down jacket on the only warm day in February. The Weather Stylist began as an idea over nightly dinners in their cramped apartment. After talking to their friends and some research, Cory and Andrea realized that many women have trouble getting dressed in the morning because they did not know what the weather felt like. They began saving money from their PR jobs and putting it toward developing a Web-site and iphone application that would upstage weathermen due to the fierce combination of forecasts and fashion.

The Weather Stylist and The Weather Stylist iphone application officially launched in January 2010. The Weather Stylist website is meant to be more of a one-stop-shop, offering information beyond weather and outfit ideas. At, readers can not only get weather information and outfit ideas, but also news updates, travel information, and updates on the latest designer sales. The iPhone application is a quick and easy way to just get weather information and outfit ideas. They use the same weather information as and put together outfits that are flattering to most body types. Their priority is to pick out outfits that make a women feel comfortable, beautiful, fashionable and sexy.

Since launch, Cory and Andrea have used mostly PR, social networking and word of mouth method to grow the site. They have had up to 26,000 page views a week and have been approached by several companies to expand The Weather Stylist. The Weather Stylist is now a full time career and has been featured in The Chicago Sun Times, Simply The Best Magazine, The Charleston Concierge, The Las Vegas Review Journal, CheckYou Daily and more. We have also been on,,,,, and Cory’s goal is to team up with the news shows and have The Weatherman not only give the weather, but an outfit for that day!

At 23, Cory never imagined having a flourishing company, but she is so excited to see what is to come!

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