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A guideline of online marketing terms

  • Analytics -The study of statistics and behaviors by a certain target group. In online advertising marketing, analytics will gather information regarding visitors habits, referral URL, and what pages your visitors are looking at on your website. This information is used to strengthen or change existing marketing techniques to improve the return of investment (ROI) for the website owner.
  • Conversion tracking -The process of analyzing what marketing tactics and actions lead to a desired result. This usually refers to what happens when a visitor turns into a sale or lead for the business.
  • SEO -The acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is how one can write content for their website to increase its rank in search engine sites. Some businesses refer to seo services as on page optimization.
  • SEM – The acronym for search engine marketing. These are the methods used off of the website to improve rankings. These methods include link building and is sometimes called off page optimization.
  • PPC -The acronym for pay per click services. This advertising technique allows for speedy and extensive exposure of the website. This method only costs you money when a third party clicks on the advertisement. PPC is attractive to many website owners because it offers them a hefty amount of control over marketing campaigns.
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  • CPC – The acronym for cost per click. The term determines the cost of each click on an advertisement.
  • Opt-in – A type of e mail marketing tool that describes permission-based sending of electronic messages.
  • Keywords – Also known as keyword phrases and key phrases; words that used to catch the attention of visitors through natural search engine listings.
  • SERP -The acronym for search engine results pages. The page displayed when someone searches for keywords within a natural search engine.
  • Social Media

    – An online community or platform that allows individuals to share helpful information to others.

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