Women Can Have Fun In Their Closet!!

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Pam Friedlander,

PamWardrobe and Image Consultant, Founder,  Positive Reflections.

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Describe your business in 3 sentences. What is it?

As founder of Positive Reflections, a wardrobe and image consulting company, I help women discover that they can have a wardrobe that works for their lifestyle and personality. During the process, women begin to see their New Vision, and develop a sense of confidence in building a wardrobe with polish and style. The stress of wondering “what do I choose”, and “how do I look”, is gone.

What does it mean to you to be “the entrepreneur of your life”? How do you integrate your life and your business, your personal brand and your business brand?

Creating my wardrobe and image consulting business over five years ago was born from my own personal experience of losing and keeping off sixty pounds. When deciding on a name for the business, I thought of how good I felt when looking in the mirror. It is important to me that the name communicate what a change could do, and Positive Reflections was born… and my distinctive metallic mirror logo is my statement. My business and personal brand are intertwined daily, because I must be a reflection of my business. It is important for me to look and feel my best whether I am with a client, attending a meeting, or just out and about. I am always happy to give advice and tips when asked. When someone compliments me on an accessory or my outfit, I am flattered and happily give them my card.

Is your business your passion?

As an entrepreneur, I have learned to be resourceful, use my creative energy, and promote myself wherever and whenever I can. I have a passion and enthusiasm for helping women feel their best. It is not creating a fashion statement that makes wardrobe consulting fun and rewarding, but seeing the confidence women feel after working with me when they achieve their goals.

My workshops mirror my passionate feelings about how women can transform themselves . I am a member of the Association of Image Consultants, and throughout the years continue to take training and certification classes. I attend conferences annually, meeting wardrobe and image consultants from around the world. I am also a member of the Danbury and Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce.

What business tools have helped you the most?

The most valuable business tool for me has been my web site designer. At every turn in my business she has helped create promotional materials, mailings, and updated the web site when needed. Professional Women’s Networking organization has been the glue to keep me motivated and on target.

What is the single biggest thing you would say an entrepreneur has to be armed with in order to succeed?

Preparation. Practice. Perservance.

When I began my entrepreneur journey, I was encouraged by a business coach, who said “be absolutely sure that you want to be a wardrobe consultant”. I practiced and perfected my skills. I was sure that the average women who felt stressed when shopping, or just couldn’t find an outfit to wear in her closet, would need my help. Staying positive and persevering, and doing something for my business every day, has been invaluable in becoming successful.

Who has supported your most / least in your journey?

My family and dear friends have been a constant support in my business. When confidence is low or business is slow, I know who to talk to. My very first clients helped me launch my Fashion Therapy Workshops. They knew that if they enjoyed my service, other women would love attending workshops with the same tips and ideas.

Do you work from home? What is a “day in the life” like for you?

My business is home based, but my work is done in corporate offices, clients homes, trade events, as well as stores, boutiques and malls.

Whether preparing to go to a corporate seminar, Wardrobe Therapy event, or a client’s personal consultation, the day begins with packing the car with accessories, belts, jewelry, etc. (These are my wardrobe tools).

Personal Consultations, I arrive at my client’s home usually in the morning or early afternoon. After a conversation, detailed body analysis, and lifestyle questionnaire, we continue with the wardrobe consultation. This takes approximately 3 hours. We then schedule a Personal Shopping Day. I will “pre-shop department stores, boutiques and malls before her Personal Shopping Day, and will have several items available for her to try on.

Fashion Therapy Events is a presentation for 25 to 100 people; usually networking groups, women’s clubs, and private parties. Focus is on polish and confidence in getting dressed, whether for an important meeting or a night on the town, value of wardrobe planning, what are the necessary wardrobe pieces, accessorizing, body style, body image, body types, and more.

Corporate Events is a presentation designed specifically for business, covering a lot of the same areas as a Fashion Therapy Event, it expands on dressing for success. Corporate Human Resource personnel love these seminars because I cover dress issues that are important for employees representing their company.

Are there any words of advice, books or role models that really inspired and changed you?

“The Secret” was my inspiration. I believe in the power of attraction and positive energy. It really works!!

What is your ultimate future dream for yourself and / or your business?

I want to write a book and be know as the Wardrobe Consultant who really understands that women can Have Fun In Their Closet!!

I want my Fashion Therapy Workshops to be sought after throughout the USA.

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