Picking the right phone system for your business can be a challenge. Not only are there a number of digital phone systems to choose from, there are specific business phone systems designed for small businesses, large corporations, and everything in between. The best system for your business is one that offers the features you need at a cost that’s within your budget. Factors to consider include how many employees will be using the phone system and how large you expect to see your company grow. Determining this number will not only help you decide how many actual phones and extensions you will need, but will also help narrow down your search to only those systems that are the most suitable for your business.

– Different Types of Telephone Systems
– Tips for Finding the Right Telephone System
– How to Compare Digital Phone Systems Quotes


Copiers were deemed more convenient and reliable than computers to make copies of pieces of paper. Copiers can range from around $100 to many thousands of dollars, depending on the maker and the machine’s capabilities.
Copiers are also going wireless and digital to meet the needs of the average work place and technological advances are being made to make copying more efficient. Xerox remains as one of the more popular manufacturers and is also working on the best technology and processes with their copying products.


It could be said that no office exists without a printer. Printers are becoming more technologically advanced and offer a multitude of features that improve the average work environment. Some printers are attached by a printer cable or retrieve documents wirelessly depending on the make and model of the printer.

Printers are also becoming more advanced and can print clearer images, are combined with fax capabilities and can print large quantities at a time. The ink used in printers has also changed through the years and can use toner, ink, other liquids, or even no ink at all. Technology is still improving and some manufacturers are working on ways to use UV light sensitive chemicals to eradicate the use of ink forever.