Member’s LaunchTip: 3 Ways to Revolutionize Your Food Paradigm and Your Diet

Nwenna Kaiby Nwenna Kai, CEO, Nwenna Kai Enterprises,

1) Eat only food that you can recognize and can pronounce.
You do not want to eat food that you cannot pronounce or cannot recognize which comes down to eating whole natural plant-based food that doesn’t need artificial preservatives and should be eaten as soon as it is bought. And if it doesn’t look like something that came from a tree, vine, out of the ocean in plant form, or out of the ground, then you probably don’t want to eat it or eat too much of it.

2) Eat simply.
Digestion takes up a lot of your body’s energy so be good to your digestive organs and eat the food that it loves and appreciates so it is able to easily break down, assimilate, digest, and distribute the nutrients throughout your body’s system so that you can enjoy vibrant health. Eating simply means eating more frequently throughout the day in smaller portions and also consuming one type of food at a time. For example, have a smoothie in the morning followed by a bowl of melon a few hours later, followed up with a large green salad coupled with some sort of grain and veggies, then for dinner maybe a soup or a simple wrap with veggies, and for dessert have some sliced apples and a nut butter of some kind.

3) Create your own food pyramid
Not everyone’s body requires the same amount of protein, calories, or carbohydrates. We all have different needs for our body based on our lifestyles and activity levels. Rely on your own body’s intuition and eat according to what your body is craving in its natural form. If your body is craving salt, consume Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt. If your body is craving sweets, consume natural sugars like agave nectar, honey, or maple syrup.

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