Member’s LaunchTip: How to Become Healthier, Wiser and Balanced.

by Monica Bloom, Founder HeyMonicaB

As an Ayurvedic (sister science to yoga) Practitioner and certified Personal Trainer I am an advocate of yoga, meditation and stretching!

Basically the mind and body are tightly connected. They are not separate. So, when one is off balance, so is the other. For example, if we have a stressed mind we might lose our appetite or carry extra tension in our neck, shoulders and head (headache). Yoga and stretching help to open the channels throughout the body which helps stagnant energy flow. This releases stress in the mind and therefore, in the body.

Meditation and pranayama is especially important because the nose is the quickest passage to the brain! Proper breathing instantly tells the mind that everything is calm and that we are okay. Our blood pressure lowers, we feel more focused and maybe even energized. Taking just 10 deep, slow breaths through the nose is an instant stress relief!


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