Lisa Hoffman

Confused Consumers

“There are an enormous number of products out there and it’s very confusing to know when to use each one. In the morning? At night? Before moisturizer or after? And then most women buy a cleanser from one brand, a moisturizer from another, and can end up hurting themselves by combining products that don’t work together. So the idea of numbering and color coding for the time of day was a natural way to simplify the process.”

Skincare On the Go

“My products are portable, as opposed to just for travel. Women can keep them in desk drawers, purses, and gym bags to cleanse their faces before re-applying makeup.”

Inspiration, All of the Time

“ The fragrance idea came to me in the shower, so I don’t even get to shower with a free mind anymore.”

Fill the Need You See

” I had this kind of a-ha moment when I realized that most women want to be loyal to a fragrance. Even if that loyalty is only for 24 hours we want to keep it on throughout the day. It’s very rare to find a fragrance that works for all occasions. If a fragrance is warm and sexy enough to wear out at night it could really be embarrassing in the elevator during the day or overwhelm your nose in the morning.”

Scent and Sensibility

“I recently pitched this idea of creating a single fragrance in four different variations, one for the morning, one for daytime, one for evening, and one for bedtime, all based on the olfactory desire for that time of the day.”

Spreading the Word

“The biggest challenge for me was getting the story out to women, getting the brand awareness. I also had no idea how much work, and how much time, and how much energy, and how much money was involved.”

Family Feeds All

“Without a doubt the most important thing I do every day is be a mother.”

The Battle for Balance

“Honestly, it’s something that I work on all day, every day. I’m sleeping a lot less. So sometimes before I connect with a child I’ve already put in four or five hours of work. I’m dedicated to my marriage too and I love spending time with my husband. I’m still getting used to having this third wheel called a laptop always with us.”

On the Horizon

“I have two fragrances that are going to be launched, one in the fall of this year, and one in the spring of ‘09. I am working on several other collections connected to the Packette concept. I am trying to increase my distribution to television retail and specialty store retail and I am in the process of developing several different Web initiatives.”

Bon Packing, Bon Voyage

“When I travel for short trips I try to choose all of the colors of that trip within the same tone so everything works together. I try and pack everything on hangers so that unpacking takes five seconds. I even have my toiletries in a hanging garment bag and I have my undergarments in another hanging garment bag. Then I just hang everything up in the closet and I’m done.”

This Featured Lady was profiled by Sarah Tomlinson, a freelance writer in Los Angeles.

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