by Tali & Ophira Edut, The AstroTwins


Make a list and check it twice. The Sun and taskmaster Saturn join forces in Virgo, helping you power through the mundane tasks that you pushed aside this summer. Spend time filling out paperwork, registering your business, applying for trademarks, and generally organizing your office. As you tick items off your list, room opens up in your brain for the important things—like being creative and networking with new contacts. Four planets tour Libra—your partnership sign—throughout September, making this an important month for locking in new collaborators. These are likely to be other business owners whose offerings complement yours. Instead of giving away a piece of your company or hiring staff, create joint ventures. You’ll enjoy much more freedom and flexibility that way. Polishing up your image may also be a theme. Consider enrolling in a public speaking course or working with a private coach who can help you make an even more dynamic first impression in meetings.


The Sun and Saturn tour your fame-filled fifth house this September. Get ready for a glamorous wave to sweep through your business. You could lock in a celebrity client who helps to promote your brand, or garner an exciting rush of media attention for your company. Having a clear-cut vision of what you want is essential to your success. Allow yourself to dream the “impossible” dream. Create a vision board with pictures of the prominent or famous people you’d like to work with and your ideal office setting (a Caribbean resort, perhaps?). Anything is possible now, and with your solid work ethic, you’ll have the ability to flow with exciting results that might throw other people off track. Set aside money for PR as well as a launch (or pre-launch) party. Now is the time to create a buzz for your biz, whether you’re ready to officially open your doors or not. Contracts move forward with surprising speed after September 9, when Pluto goes direct after a five-month retrograde. Phew!


Lower your risk tolerance this month, Gemini. While you’re normally comfortable taking a gamble, now is not the time to throw caution to the wind. You may find yourself working with clients or companies that you might normally label “dull,” but as the steady cash flow comes in you’ll be singing a different tune. You may find that you do your best work at home or in a quiet, private setting. Don’t force yourself to go into the office if you’re grooving along in your PJs while sipping that morning cup of coffee. Not that you’ll be a total recluse—far from it. Four planets tour Libra and your showstopping fifth house. Public appearances to promote your brand could land you some major attention. A prominent supporter—possibly with celebrity status—could jump on your bandwagon. Be bold and ask this person to help you promote your brand and connect you to people who can help launch you to the next level. Family members will also be quite supportive and may even provide angel funding for part of your launch.


Work on your presentation materials this month. Do you have the sizzle as well as the steak? Kick up the style factor on everything from your office decor to your business cards. Whether your industry is wild or conservative, good design always makes a huge difference. Your Web site may be in need of an upgrade as well. Are your company policies clearly outlined on the site? Consider posting them to keep clients in the know—and spare yourself hassle and conflict later on. Partnerships are plentiful, particularly with friends or family members close in age to you. Lucky Jupiter goes direct on September 8, adding to the positive wave of collaborative energy. Opportunities to ink official deals will be plentiful at this point. Instead of scoring individual accounts, long-term client relationships will emerge. You may need to pass on the one-off types or let go of a customer who you’ve now outgrown. This can be hard for sentimental Cancer, but it’s time to clear the space for opportunities that benefit YOU as well as your clientele.


Go back to the drawing board on some baseline plans this month. It’s time to crunch numbers and map out the nuts and bolts of what you need to move ahead. How much money, people power, and time will it honestly take to achieve your dream? Err on the conservative side. Just because things don’t happen overnight doesn’t mean they aren’t worth investing time in. Saturn has been teaching you the art of patience since it entered Virgo last August. You’ll feel this lesson again, especially through the 22nd of this month. The right path for your company might not be the quickest or the most exciting on the surface. Ground your vision in solid facts and figures and you’ll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labors. That’s when things REALLY get exciting, Leo. Hang in there! On September 15, the Harvest Moon could bring a round of investment capital your way in the form of a grant, inheritance, or large-scale loan with incredibly flexible terms.


You’ll want to present a more sophisticated or grown-up image to the world this month. With the Sun and Saturn lining up in Virgo through the 22nd, you’re ready to be taken seriously for your talents. Consider targeting an older audience with your services or offerings—or a wealthier clientele. Is it time to raise your rates, Virgo? If you’re struggling to cover your overhead, this may be the case. Conversely, you may be running the business a tad above your means. Look for ways to scale back and simplify. This is always a fun challenge for your practical sign. A few luxuries can be parted with to give your budget more breathing room. Pop a purifying filter on the tap and cancel the monthly water cooler delivery. Little things add up to a lot. Jupiter goes direct in your fifth house of fame on September 8. If you’re going to splurge on anything this month, it should be a power suit that makes you look and feel great. Pick one with feminine touches and unique detailing. Who knows? It might just be on the racks of your favorite designer discount store, so check there before you head to Rodeo Drive. Your confidence needs to be set to a soaring level when you walk into meetings. Over the next four months, you could bring major public attention to your brand through your efforts to promote it.


Mercury, Venus, and Mars all line up in Libra the first week of September, filling you with go-getter energy. It’s time to take some risks and ask for more than you dreamed possible. This is a prime time for breaking through doors that were formerly closed to you. People will be charmed by your gumption, so keep that sweet smile on your face as you announce your million-dollar price tag. In order to make space for the new, you’ll have to clear out the old. With the Sun and Saturn in your twelfth house of completions until September 23, you’ll want to do a major de-cluttering of your office space. Clean up the files on your computer as well. Remove reminders of deals gone sour or an aspect of your business that you’ve outgrown. You may have grown so accustomed to seeing these things that you have forgotten they’re there. Clear them out of your psychic space—you’ll feel lighter and more inspired before the month is through. On September 23, the Sun grooves into Libra, firing you up even more to take your brand to the next level. Socializing becomes an important aspect of your business, so get thee to those networking events!


Let your visionary side out to play. You’ve been focused on getting through tasks lately, but now it’s time to stop and look at the big picture. Who is your target audience? Who do you want to touch with your business idea? Look for ways to add an even more inspiring element to your business plan. Even if you’re selling something basic or practical, you can still position your brand to have its own unique edge or personality. Consider working with a branding expert if you’re stumped—though it’s doubtful someone as creative as you would be. Increasing your online presence brings major rewards this month too. Redesign your Web site or consider adding a blog. The more often you update content on your site, the higher it stands to rank in search engines. If your site isn’t optimized for search, this would be a great investment. Traffic and sales could soar as a result. On September 9, your ruling planet Pluto wakes up from a five-month retrograde. Stalled funds could come in or you could land a stable account that wipes away monetary woes—at least for a good while. Sweet relief indeed.


Get ready to climb another rung on the ladder of success. The Sun and Saturn tour your tenth house through the 22nd, helping you align with a prestigious partner. A larger corporate entity could back your company now, bringing a new wave of money and credibility your way. Just remember to hold fast to your ideals in the process. If they ask you to sacrifice an important brand value, you may have to draw some boundaries. The good news is, they will be open to negotiation. You don’t have to say “yes” to all their terms just to lock in the deal. Your ruling planet Jupiter goes direct on September 8, helping to stabilize your finances. Breathe a sigh of relief. The cash crunch of the summer is coming to an end and you won’t have to scramble to cover costs by the month’s end. Having a solid foundation to build on is key and you may need to revamp a few of your company’s policies now. Make sure you have all your standard business materials organized and ready to go. Boilerplate contracts, policy sheets, and an updated company Web site? Check, check, check. Spend time getting your ducks in a row as you’ll be off to sales meetings on the 23rd when the Sun heads into Libra.


After a summer of frustrating slowdowns, your business will take off at a fast pace again this September. On the 8th, lucky Jupiter wakes up from a three-month retrograde in Capricorn. Good fortune returns, as well as a surge of inspiration to steer the ship once again. Have you been refining your business plan or courting a prominent client? The fruits of your labors are set to pay off. Expect to burn that midnight oil to lock things securely into place. This is not the time to rest on your laurels—not that a worker bee like you ever would. The Harvest Moon on September 15 brings an exciting new partnership your way. Explore a joint venture with a company whose offerings complement yours. With the Sun and Saturn in your global ninth house, this is an opportune month for working with overseas partners. Expanding operations to another part of the world can help you cut costs. It’s important, however, that you have a trusted liaison to connect with as you want to ensure that humanitarian work conditions are being upheld.


Contracts come into focus this month. A verbal agreement is not enough security to build your business on. You need people to sign on the dotted line. Shift your focus to clientele and collaborators who want to work with you on a long-term basis. The challenge? Getting over your own commitment-phobia, a classic Aquarius trait. You may fear being bored or stifled if you have to work on “the same old project” for years and years. Not so. By bringing in contracts of this kind, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your business. Which means hiring a manager to deal with operations while you go out and court new clientele. The sky is literally the limit when you allow yourself to grow in this way. You’ll feel it more than ever when the Sun heads into your ninth house September 23. Make sure your passport is up to date as you could hop on a flight to court an international client. Expanding to an overseas market may also be part of your brand strategy now, so research opportunities abroad as well as the ones close to home.


This month, expect to reap the results of any entrepreneurial efforts made this spring. On September 15, a Harvest Moon lights up Pisces, flooding you with good fortune. This moon is directly linked to an eclipse in Pisces on February 20. Any seeds you planted back then are ready to yield their crop. Get ready to enjoy an exciting milestone! With the Sun and Saturn touring Virgo—your partnership sign—it’s all about who you know this month. If your rolodex is decidedly bare, get out and network. Ask the people you already DO know if they can connect you to folks as well. The resources you need may be a mere two degrees of separation away. Spend time on your brand’s packaging as well. Enlist the help of a graphic designer to make sure your logo and presentation materials really sing. Everything should be uniform as well. Pick your colors, patterns, and icons and decorate every visual aspect of your company with them. The repetitive visuals will stick in your customer’s mind, which many experts believe increases brand loyalty significantly.