Kristin Boekhoff

MTM - Kristin Boekhoff            Member of the New York City Incubator

My business is … Panigram Resort, a small, sustainable boutique resort in southern Bangladesh that I’m expecting to open in April 2009. Guests will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Bangladeshi countryside in upscale mud and bamboo bungalows while protecting the environment and supporting the community.

My dream is … that Panigram will be only the first of my many boutique resorts focused on destination stewardship.

I launched because … I didn’t feel that I was reaching my full potential in corporate America; I thought that I could have more fun and make more of an impact if I started my own company.

One day you’ll see me … on the cover of Time magazine.

Ladies Who Launch has helped me … solidify my business idea. I originally came into the Incubator with two different business proposals: 1) to build wind farms, and 2) to create luxury hotels. My fellow Incubator members encouraged me to combine the two ideas. The result: sustainable boutique hotels!