Jennifer Dziura

Member of the New York City Incubator

My business is … dedicated to bringing adult spelling bees to all.

My dream is … to teach the world when to use “its” and when to use “it’s.” If you mean to say “it is,” use an apostrophe. If not, don’t! I could go on for days! Want to talk about the subjunctive mood?

I launched because … I’m never not running my own business. I have run one small company or another my entire adult life. I actually founded my first company (an Internet marketing firm) as a junior in college, and had eight employees by the time I graduated. That company ultimately tanked, but once you’ve printed up business cards with whatever fancy title you’ve decided on for yourself, there’s really no going back. I’ve never had a jobby-job! I don’t do meetings, pantyhose, or bureaucracy. Feel free to quote me on that. Actually, maybe I should put that on bumper stickers.

One day you’ll see me … hosting a TV game show.

Ladies Who Launch has helped me … meet people I wouldn’t have come into contact with otherwise.

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